All hoodies (adult sizes only) are $45 (tax incl.)  Youth t-shirts are $20 / Adult $25

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Eagle Hoodie and Eagle T-Shirt (black only)

While camping this year on the north shore of Lake Superior, I saw eagles everywhere!  I had never seen so many, and when I learned that these beautiful creatures are a symbol for courage and strength, I came home and started to paint one.  This eagle has now become a design for some of my hoodies and t-shirts, and represents my belief that we will prevail over our current pandemic dilemma.  It expresses my hope for all who wear it "May you soar on eagle wings."

Moose Hoodie ($45) and Moose T-Shirt ($25)(ash grey and adult sizes only)
Sundridge T-Shirts in royal blue or black...Adult sizes $25    Youth sizes $20